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Modern rattan furniture looks much the same as traditional rattan, but has many advantages.

Traditional rattan furniture was made with wooden frames, covered in rattan strands, woven in beautiful patters over the frame. It looks great, but breaks down quickly when kept outside.

Modern rattan is assembled in the same way, but because we use aluminium frames and specially-treated, all-weather synthetic rattan strands, it won’t crack, split, peal or break due to UV damage, freezing or rain.

What is Polyrattan?

The synthetic strands used I modern rattan furniture is made of uPVC, a kind of polyvinylchloride, or polyethylene (PE), technical names for the kind of flexible plastic used. ‘Polyrattan’ is a combination of the words ‘polyethylene’ and ‘rattan.’ Most people today simply call it ‘rattan furniture’ with the understanding that most modern rattan furniture uses this beautiful, much more durable material.

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