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The materials make the rattan!

So to speak.

Why are they so important?

They will determine whether your rattan furniture set lasts 1 year, or 20 years.

This is because certain materials will degrade over time, whereas the higher quality materials (that are more expensive) will last for years without fading or degrading.

We go over the main things to watch out for below.

The Frame – Heavy isn’t always a good thing!

Contrary to the what you might think, heavy rattan furniture is actually worse quality and the lighter versions in most cases.

This is because the frame of the heavier furniture will most likely be made from steel, and the downside to steel is that is will rust in wet and cold weather. Companies will use steel in their furniture because it makes the sets cheaper to produce, but has the downside of not being able to withstand the outdoor elements for very long before degrading.

In contrast, the best material you can have for the frame is aluminium, which is very light, but more importantly doesn’t rust. Which means you can leave your furniture outside in rain and snow, without worrying about is going rusty or breaking down.

The Weave – Has it been “stabilized”?

Now one of the most important parts about the rattan is that it should be individual strands, hand woven into the mesh that you see over the furniture.

If it’s a solid plastic mould with little indentations to make it look woven, then don’t go anywhere near it!

But for the difference between the two hand woven varieties, the cheaper variations won’t have what’s called “UV stabilized rattan” because it would increase the cost of the furniture.

The reason why you need it to be UV stabilized, is because it stops the suns UV rays from degrading the colour and strength of the material. Without this protection, furniture left outside in the sun will fade and rot away, becoming very brittle and easily damaged.


So to summarise, the materials you need for your rattan furniture to be considered good quality are:

  1. Aluminium frame – will not rust.
  2. Hand woven rattan strands
  3. UV stabilized rattan – will not fade or rot.

And if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us about it.

You can browse our range of rattan furniture online at our website:

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