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Synthetic rattan strands, if of a high quality, will not break easily. If something does happen to damage or break a strand of your rattan though, don’t despair; it can be repaired.

Begin by finding a well-ventilated space to carry out the repair. Outside is best.

You’ll also need some epoxy resin, and a small sculpting tool so you can avoid touching the epoxy with your fingers – this is very important. You don’t need anything fancy, as long as it can spread the epoxy accurately, smooth it out once in place, and allow you to avoid touching the epoxy itself.

Place the strands as close to the original position as possible then, using the sculpting tool, cover over the break with the epoxy. Smooth the final surface. Leave it to harden for 24 hours or longer.

If your rattan is coloured, you can add some paint or dye to the epoxy to match the strand.

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