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Rattan- and wicker-style furniture gains much of its light-weight strength from the weave of rattan strands over a light frame. Because of this, and the shifting effects of changes in temperature, load and weather, sometimes a chair can wind up with one leg slightly longer than the others, causing a wobble. Not to worry though, there is a solution that usually works for both synthetic and natural rattan pieces.

The Method

Locate the Problem

Set the chair on a flat, level surface. Make sure both front feet of the chair are touching the ground (put pressure on the front of it if necessary). One of the back feet should then be off of the ground, and the other touching it. We’ll call the touching one ‘the long leg’ and the one in the air ‘the short leg.’


Grasp the chair by the short leg and lift the whole thing up off of the ground a little. Then bring it down, in a controlled manner, so that the long leg is the only one to hit the ground and stop the fall of the chair. We’ll call this ‘tapping.’

After tapping a few times, set the chair on the flat, level surface again, with the front feet touching the ground. If both of the back feet are touching the ground, the wobble should be gone. If not, repeat the process.

Make sure to start the tapping gently, and build up to the needed power. Don’t overdo it too soon, or you’ll over-correct the problem and cause the other leg to be uneven.

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